Actus Reus


Actus Reus, une coproduction avec Extempore Danse Montreal.
Avec: Pablo Pugliese et Noel Strazza (Extempore Danse Montreal)
Texte: Pablo Pugliese
Mise en scene: Pablo Pugliese et Cristina Iovita
Coregraphie: Pablo Pugliese et Noel Strazza
Costumes: Fruzsina Lanyi

Extempore Danse

Noel Strazza, Artistic Director and Co-Founder Pablo Pugliese, formed the Extempore Danse Company to create and promote original dance and art projects that incorporate a movement vocabulary derived from both Argentine Tango and contemporary dance. One of the central goals of the company is to introduce audiences to the exploration of this mixture of artistic sources. The foundation of the company’s work is the experimental choreography done by Ms. Strazza and Pablo Pugliese, choreographer and Extempore Co-Founder. The Extempore Danse Company plans to work with artists from diverse cultures and areas of expertise, creating an exchange of artistic sources, perspectives and disciplines. The Extempore Danse Company also has an educational mission. The company promotes understanding and first hand experience of the Tango and Argentine culture through instructional workshops designed for dancers of every level — from amateur social dancers with an interest in the Argentine Tango to professionals of varied backgrounds.

photo © Hartmug Shut

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